In response to a text question from Ohio, Millie said, "It's not a space elevator. It's a space fountain, different set of principles entirely. The press often gets this wrong. Tess, insert references 3 and 8. Send." A soft bong confirmed speech-rec had parsed correctly. »8/23/14 1:22pm8/23/14 1:22pm


Even though she didn't look the part, Mary Rattray was probably one of the dísir, one of the moirai or even a cailleach. As near as she could tell, she was one of the divine spirits or sorceresses found nearly everywhere in ancient European myth, a norn, an annis, one of the witches Shakespeare spoke of. It was the… »7/06/14 3:50am7/06/14 3:50am

"Global tensions have escalated today, after the signing of several territorial concessions and mutual defense pacts between China and Pakistan. In response to this new, close alliance, the Indian Embassy withdraw all ambassadors and related staff from both China and Pakistan. »2/21/14 8:33pm2/21/14 8:33pm

Sure, at the age of eleven, Tod thought it was magical to discover he was living inside a game simulation. He thought it was wonderful to learn all these secret ways to change reality to his favor. He could gain magical power or dodge death. »2/08/14 2:07am2/08/14 2:07am