Decades ago I remember reading about the donation process to the Smithsonian's National Air and Space Meusem and how careful they were—according to the article I read, they were pretty damn painstaking about it actually—about restoring what they got from Paramount. While it is true the museum did damage the model in… » 9/16/14 6:40am Today 6:40am

I'm not a writer myself but, I think it's a sign of skill when a writer doesn't force things in their story. Sex and violence have their place and are all the more effective if they really fit into a story for important reasons of character or plot development. » 9/16/14 3:29am Today 3:29am

Asimov himself pointed out on numerous occasions, especially in his own stories, how fragile the laws of robotics were in the presence of humans beings. Calvin said herself: robots are a cleaner, better breed than we are, they are engineered from the positrons to be decent. The trouble usually starts when human… » 9/15/14 7:47pm Yesterday 7:47pm

"That's what advertising feeds on. Advertising feeds on your incomplete life, your frustrations, your dreams are never fulfilled! The more incomplete you are, the more things we can get you to buy! It's just good business. I don't really know what Mancon's up to except, "Get a lot of information together, and…

» 9/15/14 7:04pm Yesterday 7:04pm

I must say, that's some very clever engineering right there if, as a humble member of the laity, I can say that. It looks like they have got a multiply redundant system to latch this thing down to the surface. If one leg screw fails they thruster will push the rest to the rest into contact to try to get those to screw… » 9/15/14 1:17pm Yesterday 1:17pm